The heart of the Laboratory is its analytical capability. The methods of analysis and the presentation of analytical data is designed to provide information of practical value.The Soil Science Institute of Athens (SSIA) is equipped with a large number of instruments and appliances, of latest technology, for laboratory and field measurements. In addition, the equipment is continuously updated and enriched. The laboratory staff, apart from the long experience of the chemical analyses, is constantly trained in new technologies through seminars and participates in European interlaboratory tests.
The laboratories of the Institute (SSIA) include:
1. Flame atomic absorption (Varian 220FS).
2. Atomic absorption with graphite furnace (Varian 240).
3. Digital cartography and remote sensing (GIS-IP) system.
4. System of thin sections and digital analysis.
5. Spectrometers.
6. Flame photometry.
7. Infrared spectrometer (FT-IR) (currently not available).
8. Ion chromatography.
9. Gas chromatographer equipped with mass spectroscopy (GS-MS).
10. High pressure liquid chromatograph (HPLC).
11. Nitrogen digestion apparatus (Kjedhal).
12. Digestion apparatus for determining soil minerals.
13. Devices for pH and salinity measurement.
14. Apparatus for preparing ultrapure water.
15. Total Organic Carbon analyzer
16. Ovens incubation.
17. Shakers.
18. Centrifugal.
19. Electronic scales with an accuracy of about 3 to 4 decimal places.
20. Full equipment soil preparation, plant samples for analysis of organic materials and compost.
21. Microscopes.
22. Stereoscopes.
23. Soil Samplers.
24. Samplers surface water.
25. Screens of various calibres.
Furthermore, the Institute has four greenhouses, growth rooms and lysimeter installed where they can perform experimental studies and designs for both research and programs for cooperatives, farmers, individuals and public bodies.

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