Dr. Aristotelis Papadopoulos
Researcher Α, Director
Dr. Vavoulidou-Theodorou Evaggelia
Researcher Α

Agronomist Engineer (University of Hohenheim, West Germany)
PhD, Institute of Science and Land Evaluation, Dept. Soil Biology, Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Hohenheim, Germany.
Submission and participation in national and European research
projects in the fields: Pedology, soil mapping and classification,
soil biology, drafting of soil studies and thematic GIS maps,
digitalization of data regarding soil nutrition properties at individual field level, soil quality evaluation with the use of pedo- and bio-indicators (e.g. earthworms), design and application of eco-toxicological bio tests, tools development for pesticides risk assessmentat field, catchment and country levels.

Tel.: 2310.473429

Tel.: 210.2832031

Dr. Kavvadias Victor
Researcher Α

Forester, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH)
PhD, University of Aberdeen, Scotland, Aberdenn, UK.
Coordination and participation in national and European research projects in the fields of: soil fertility, soil and water pollution, nutritional status of forest and agricultural ecosystems,  sustainable fertilization practices, development of statisticalmodels for the sustainable use of nutrients and water, management of olive oil mills’ wastes, processing and utilization of agricultural waste, nutrients cycling in forest ecosystems pesticides residues.

Tel.: 210.2832031 (316)

Dr. Efthimiadou Aspasia
Researcher C

Agronomist, PhD, Civil Engineer


Research interests:
Plant nourishment and soil fertility, integrated agriculture, environmental footprint of agricultural practices, intelligent agriculture

Tel.: 210.2832031 (314)

Agronomist, PhD


Research interests:

Participation in research projects, Geographical Information Systems applications in agriculture, spatial analysis, soil mapping, soil evaluation, management and disposal of agricultural waste, sustainable fertilization practices, etc.

Dr. Monokrousos Nikos
Researcher D

Biologist, PhD


Research Interests:
Soil microbial community structure and function, plant-microbe rhizosphere interactions, enzymes in soil, soil  nematodes

Τηλ.: 210.2832031 (312)

Tel.: 210.2832031

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